Saturday, July 24, 2010


Creative visualization is a mental practice that makes use of the thought process to make dreams come true. This concept came into discussion in the yearly years of nineteenth century. Many psychologists and motivational speakers have discussed about this subject in their books. Walles Wattles who wrote ‘The science of getting rich’ have penned about this subject in detail.

Creative visualization exploits the supremacy of mind that can be utilized to change the future.

Every successful people have consciously or unconsciously used this tool for their achievements.

Brief explanation

People who think they are unlucky, unappealing, unloved, eventually ends up in the same situation in future. They will never move out of that state.
In contrast, those who feel they are lucky, successful, esteemed, will fall in that group in over a period of time.
When thinking about positive things you want to materialize happens to be in your regular habit, you will start doing things that make those things happen subconsciously.

The following things might have happened in your life:

(a)You may be thinking about somebody and that person calls you unexpectedly.

(b)You may think of a bad thing that can happen in your life and that happens.

(c)You had a passion/desire for many years and that happened.

These eventualities are part of creative visualization which you used subconsciously.
This is a cosmic subject that needs too many pages to discuss; I am making it in a capsule module for all of us to digest.
Creative visualization has to be done when you are alone without any distractions.

Tips to perform creative visualization:

1) Close your eyes; choose your desire or objective.

2) Relax free so that your visualization can be carried out without any complexity.

3) Breathing is a factor that decides the level of control of mind. Inhale and exhale deeply. Put your focus in breathing.

4) Think that you are a success, what ever happens, you will swim towards even more achievements.

5) Create a picture of end result in mind. Think about the changes in your life that turns out when your dream comes true. For example if you want to be a well-known writer, visualize the fame that comes in and the transformation in your personal and social life. (You may not have a clear vision in the first attempt, when you practice regularly, you can see them in a frame with more clarity.)

6) Believe that those dreams are going to materialize and you already half the way through.

Point to be noted: This exercise can be carried out whenever you get time. (Even in the toilet!!!!)

After effects:
1) You will be more focused towards success.

2) Unknowingly, you will start doing things that takes you to your dreams.

3) Negatives will never affect your activities

Tail end: Thanks to Suraj Raghavan ( Nexus Insurance Brokers, Dubai) for suggesting this subject.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It was few days back, that a friend and well-wisher of mine shared some thoughts with me. I thought of carving up few of them in the blog.

Have you felt in life at any moment that the whole effort you make in your life, or the challenges you goes through is going unobserved? How will you feel when your loved ones put the blame on you without understanding the struggles you make for their contentment? That is the point where you really feel that you are unaided. That is where you pretend to be happy outside and disturbed deep inside.

This can result in lack of focus in your work, getting unnecessary incensed, or development of other physical or physiological problems.

Have you conveyed the fact that all efforts you do is for their betterment?

Have you discussed about the steps you have taken or you are about to take in life/ career?

Do they realize about the disparity that happens in the absence of your sweats ?

It is not necessary that all your activities should be turned out positively. But the efforts you put in deserve appreciation. There is no harm in expecting a warm hug or soothing words when you are down. The same people who put you down when things go wrong will be the first ones to show up and cheer for you. (They may even claim the credit for your success!) .

· If you feel what you are doing is right, and the outcome will be fruitful, go ahead, let the cheerleaders come later.

· If your loved ones are not consoling you, forget the fact. They are the ones loosing the most important moments in life.

· For a hill, there is a valley. If there is tension and pain, there will be happiness and pleasure. Let it come when your time arrives.

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. - Anne Frank

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The most taunting situation in life is facing insult in a group or social circle. Being insulted in front of a group is an assault to self respect. At any point of life, everyone has faced this situation. Insult can come from your co-workers, friends, seniors etc.

Mostly, insults use to happen in front of a public. There may be many reasons for this, like the pleasure of knocking you down before the mass, making you a subject of laughs etc.

Never take the insults too deep to heart because it may harm your self confidence. Keep your buoyancy unbroken.
If it is possible you can avoid him or the group. In most cases it is not possible because the mass may be your co-workers or people whom you are suppose to meet more often. Here ‘walk away’ strategy also will not work out.

It is not necessary that you should handle bullying with your mouth. Sometimes silence or a sharp look is enough for the insulter. With this others may feel that what he has done is not appropriate. But if you really feel that his behavior is going to make a big damage to your individuality, there is no harm in using few words back. But the point that should be noted here is that you should be more careful with the words that you choose. This should not bring more harm to the situation.

Another way-out is holding your patience and wait for you time. When you get a reason, pull him down. But this should be in a diplomatic way. You should not be a bad guy in front of others.

Let me conclude with a story that I once heard, which I think will be apt for this subject:

An old man was sitting in a coffee shop. One drunkard shows up and sits near him. For no reason this drunkard starts using bad words to him. Old man remains calm and sips the tea. The abusing goes non-stop; still our senior is engaged in drinking tea.
After some time he turns to the bad guy and asks:” Tell me, if you are giving a present to someone and he does not take it, whose is that gift then?”
“Of course mine you idiot, because it was me who gifted that” he replies.
The old man smiles and says: “You are true my kid. I am not taking your bad words, It is all yours.”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< When you have to put up with mean and hateful people, think of them as sandpaper. They may scratch you, rub you the wrong way, but eventually you end up smooth and polished...and the’s just gonna be worn out and ugly

Saturday, July 3, 2010

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