Sunday, June 20, 2010


Relax... Relax... Relax…. Let me explain.
More or less every human being normally has stress or strain through their jobs or personal lives. We live in an express paced globe where finding time to loosen up is rather unthinkable. People may not have enough time to do relaxation exercise or other stuffs like yoga.
Studies prove that unnecessary strain may bring in mental and physical problems. Stress can lead you to depression or related concerns.
Fortunately, there are so many simple ways for you to stretch out in your rapid schedule which can change your mood of the day. Let me place a few of them down:
1) Use pleasant smelled perfumes: Let it be body spray, room freshener or the one you use in the vehicle, if it delivers pleasing fragrance, it can change your entire mood. Studies have proved it factual.
2) Close your eyes: Close your eyes for some time. Forget where you are. Forget what you are. Forget your manager is going to kill you if you did not get the job done. Forget everything for few minutes. Take slow, deep breaths. Open your eyes slowly. Tell me how you fell then.
3) Diversify your day: Repeating the same jobs every day may bring your mood down. Try something different for a change. Skip from the normal schedule some times.
4) Listen to soft music: Soft and comforting music is a better way to make changes in your mood. It will be a soothing experience, washing out your stress gently…
5) Try self massage: Bring your palm together, rub them in circles until they become warm. Believe me, this is a scientifically proven way to stretch out. Rubbing the feet together is another way.
6) Get some air: Walk a little. Get some good air. Let the body interact with the nature. See what is happening out side. Feel them.
7) Phone your best friend: Dial him, talk to him. You will feel relived once you hang up.

"To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment."

Jane Austen

Sunday, June 13, 2010


They made the rules,
He broke them.
They were with the dictation,
He stood with his own decision.
They had choices,
He did not have any choice.
They had their limit on the sky,
His limits were beyond that.
They had relations to maintain,
His relationships were already wrecked.
They had millions of weapon,
Gallantry was his only scepter.
They were covered in the shells,
He took the position by himself.
They called for him,
He did not answer.
They searched for him…………………
He was dead.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Of late, I received a mail from one of my blog readers. The subject was, she is having problems in building relationships and she is facing rejections from the acquaintances. She asked me if I could write about ‘Tips to get accepted ‘.
There are no such rules or easy tricks for being accepted among the people you hang out with. I am not going to drop any ‘easy tips’ for this subject as this area has to be unleashed from within.
Still, for those who are fascinated in exploring this area, let us discuss how we can re arrange our attitude or personality to be a good social animal.
1) Be conscious: Be conscious of so many things. Be conscious about how others perceive you. Be cautious about how you present yourselves. It can depend on so many factors. Let us explore this area further below.
2) Say your piece: Should be well balanced, confident about what you say. Do not babble on with unwanted pause, muttering etc. Place your opinion. Do not worry about the disagreement. You made clear what you felt (Make sure you are not hurting somebody’s feelings). Observe people who are good at relation buildings. You will find this point relevant.
3) Become friendly: Open the doors and windows. When it is closed no air comes in. When you are opened with others, then only they can open up with you. You don’t have to spend money to fix a smile on your face.
4) Make others happy: Money is not the single thing involved in making others happy. A few pleasant words can do a good contribution on this area. Be careful about picking the words in talking or mailing.
5) Don’t argue too much: There is no need to throw your opinion on anything and everything. We know people who fall out on conversations and argue on everything. Don’t we feel irritated with them? Keep your opinion in your pockets if not asked. Remember, no prize is offered for argument winners.
6) Be careful in criticizing: “oh….. Look at your dress!!!! You look like a cow!!!!” Will you tolerate some talking to you like this? Some people always find joy in criticizing fellow folks. It is not necessary that all should take criticism positively. So think twice before you do that. But don’t hesitate if you get a chance to compliment others. Everyone likes compliments (Just like us!!!)
7) Do what you are good at: One cannot be 100 percent people’s man. People can find thousands of reasons to criticize others. You cannot satisfy the whole word and move on. Go ahead with what you feel good. When you become success they will accept you.
8) Be cool: Be relaxed, collected, self organized in dealing with things. People like to be with the company of this kind.

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
-David Brinkley