Monday, December 17, 2012


         The time taken to create an impression varies from time to time, person to person, situation to situation etc. It depends on the outlook that is fashioned on the other individual concerning you based on your outward show, your body language, your appearance, your mannerisms, and the way you are dressed. Remember, you are being evaluated in a first meeting. In normal cases, first impression cannot be reversed or altered, so building that first impression is exceptionally vital, as a tone that will be created in first meeting will be continued with further relations with the person. Hence, whether they are in your profession or societal life, it's imperative to know how to build up a good first impression.

      A smile is a declaration that, “I’m open as well as harmonious.” It is a path that leads to a sound relationship.

  Be Comfortable
Being uncomfortable may make the other person irritated, it definitely stamps a wrong impression. If you are composed and self-assured, the other person will feel more relaxed, and so can establish yourselves and hence, the quality of the meeting will be on higher side.

Present yourself suitably 
       As all of us know, physical appearance plays a vital role. You are unknown to the person you meet for the first time. The way you present yourselves is generally the primary indication for the other person to decide on you. That does not mean that you go as a super model. Present yourselves in a way to suit the mood of the meeting.

  Be civil and Attentive
          It goes without saying that good manners and polite, attentive and courteous behavior help make a good first impression. In fact, anything less can damage the one opportunity you have at creation of that first impression. So be on your best performance! One present manner appeal mention is switch off your cell phone. What kind of impression you will generate if you are already speaking to somebody else than the person you are meeting for the first time? Your new associate deserves 100 percent of your interest. Something fewer and you'll form a less than good first impression. Raise your eyebrows. Open your eyes a little more than usual to create the “eyebrow blaze” on his/ her comments; it is a sign of appreciation and acknowledgement.

"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression". -- Will Rogers

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


"An average person with average talents and ambition and average education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals."
- Mary Kay Ash

'Achieving Goal' is not as easy as 'buy from shop' thing. Goals can be in regards with career/ finance/ health/ pleasure/ family etc related.
To accomplish a goal you should involve awareness of 3 key points. They are: awareness of end result, how you are reaching there, what tools you require for that.
Organizing for a goal is serious thing. Once the goal is declared, should stay focused with the progress of the process.

Let us take some time to think: Always you had design or plan for your previous accomplishments (may be unknowingly). Those may be promotion, job oriented tasks, writing a book etc. If unintentionally you had a design for them, why don't you create a design for your future success???
It is advisable to break down the goals into 5-10 ( more or less according the goal) steps.
Monitor the development of each stages.( It will be easy, if you document them for reference).

Self stimulate
Stimulate yourselves.. Tell yourself what changes can happen in your life if the mission is accomplished!!!! Always be self motivated, this will help you to clear the obstacles.

One goal at a time
Though you can carry out more than one small goal at a time, be clear that the big goal should be one at a time . Or else you will confuse yourselves.

Be specific

This is very important.Do not generalise the goal. ' I want to work for some magazine in 1 year' is not a goal. ' I will become a full time reporter in a leading magazine with a high paid salary in 1 year' is a goal.

Focus,Focus, Focus

This is a mantra. There may be million reasons popping up in the span to throw you out from the focus. This is where people leave goals behind and fails. But keep telling: “ I have to do this . This is very important to me”

Monitor the progress
Very significant point . You will never get an idea how far you are in the path of success, if you do not track the progress in intervals. So keep monitoring the activities.
"Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive." Robert Schuller