Friday, September 3, 2010


Majority of the duties we handle in a day may appear to be important by the same token to us. However, if we watch them closely, it can be seen that most of them are not so urgent tasks that need immediate care to be executed.
We all have faced days where we feel so confused that we do not know where to start or how to start the daily tasks. When the day finishes, we ends up with most of the jobs undone. The main reason behind this situation is the lack of prioritizing the tasks. Often, unknowingly, we give importance to un important tasks.
Using prioritizing skills, you can perform most important duties rapidly which may throw you into trouble if undone.
Beauty of prioritizing skill is that it can be used for both scheduled and unscheduled activities.
You can number the tasks: 1, 2, and 3 in accordance with the significance. You should perform the number 2 job only after finishing the number 1. While prioritizing, you should check whether any of the tasks can be wiped out from the list which may kill your valuable time pointlessly.
Coming to unplanned activities, you should ask yourselves if this is important, or will this job interpret your key duties. If the job requires importance, go for that.
Remember, prioritizing should not depend on importance of the job to be done; it depends on the consequences, if that job is not done.
Be ready to face the hindrances. If your task requires high level importance, put your phone in silent mode. Make plans to deal with the interruptions.


  1. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing such a important issue and the solutions :)

    I agree we often don't prioritize and end up making fool of ourselves.

  2. I have returned to making a list.
    Before I go to sleep at night, I think of how my day went and if there was something that did not go as planned, I address it (briefly) and visualize a correction or if I am even meant to do whatever it is at all.
    Then I think tell myself that I am about to have a good night sleep and productive, positive and creative day the next day.
    It's working well.
    (Artists tend to be a little intense when it comes to the possibility of drifting.)

  3. Yes, Once we make a resolution we should stick to it.