Thursday, May 27, 2010


Few people know about this. Most of the people don’t. There is a good friend inside us which we have never recognized. Once we discover him, our life and destiny will be changed forever. For being successful in life, awakening of INNER POWER is very necessary. Below are tips to wake your inner power:

1) HAVE CLEAR VISION: Clarity is important factor for building up inner power. Though having goals is important, you should have a clear vision for them. Goals should be achievable ones. Set one goal at a time and plan for that. Setting too much goals at a time may distract your mind and may result in failures.
2) CUT OFF THE NEGATIVES: If you have a dictionary, circle the word –'positive'. Positive attitude can bring wonders in your life. There is a saying: ‘changing the face can do nothing, but facing the change can do everything’.
3) LEARN: Have you checked the last four spelling of the word ‘Learn’? That is: 'earn'. You can earn respect, money etc. by acquiring knowledge. It is not necessary that you should burry yourselves in books all the time for gathering knowledge. You can gain this by browsing the net, communicating with wise people, watching informative channels in television or even by watching the surroundings.
4) BREATH HARD: When you are down with worries, take deep breath. Practice this, you can bring down your nervousness and summon energy in you.
5) FIGHT: You may be defeated in hundred battles, but remember, the WAR is still ahead. Fight with your problems, never agree defeat. There is a saying: ‘Man doing nothing in problems is like the man dead’
6) LET OTHERS LIKE YOU: If we reframe John .F.Kennedy’s famous quote for our subject, it will be like this: “Ask not what others can do for you, Ask what you can do for others.” Be the people’s man. Help others if you can. The satisfaction you get by being appreciated is unbelievable. This will ignite your inner power.
7) DON’T BE ALONE:’ An idle mind is devil’s workshop’. People may attract negative energy when they spent more time alone. Mix with the society. See what is going on outside. Go for a trip. Don’t be idle. Note: We are blessed with ‘86400’ seconds a day!!! Please don’t waste that.

“Heaven never helps the man who will not act”

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Life is not just the matter of wealth, pride or something else. The basic is simple: Its happiness and joy.Human being is not hardware to be programmed for happiness all the way. But there are scientifically proved ways to make people happy in their life. They are simple to be implied. Let’s look over this program to achieve happiness:
Be with happy people: Why should you hang around most of your time with people who are always depressed, complaining about things around? Try to spend your time with people who are jovial. Try to be in touch with them. Mail or phone often friends who made your time happier in the past. Remember, their one mail or voice can change your mood of the day.
Think about solutions: We all have this problem. We always worry about the problems, then think and sink in to it. Shall we not think about the solutions first? Things would be even better if we do this and if possible discuss with somebody you rely.
Discuss: This is continuation of previous one. Look around, there are so many people who loves you, care you. Discuss your problem with him/her/them. This can at least lighten your heart.
Appreciate yourselves: Every individual are unique. You are unique. You have qualities others don’t have. Think about that. Find your uniqueness. Remember how many times in your life you got appreciation from others for your good work. Appreciate yourselves for that.
Do what you love: You love music? Listen to that. You love movies? watch them often. Entertain yourselves with your passions.( If you love to jump from a ten storied building, please don't do that--just kidding)
Kill the past: I had a friend who had a love failure. Once in depression he drugged himself and drove in to a street wall to kill himself. (Don’t worry; he is safe, only person who suffered from this was his dad who had to pay a good sum for repairing the car and legal activities). Can we relive the past and clear the mistakes? Answer is obviously ‘NO’. So, ‘kill the past’ and think about the future. People whom you love are waiting for you there. They want you to be happy. So, cheers!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010




Are you a person who needs to become something, or mark your personality in the society or make more money? Then you should be motivated by yourselves. Self motivation is a ‘must thing’ if you are professional, sales person, student or anybody. In short, if you a human being, you should be self motivated for your success.
Below are ‘YOU MUST’ rules for self motivation. Check this out and see the changes in your life.

Rule 1) YOU MUST-Set your goals::: Note down in a book what you want to achieve as your goals. It should be differentiated as 'long term '(That may take some time) and 'short term'(which can be achieved soon) goals and what action plans are you going to imply to achieve those goals. Important part of this rule is that you should review this regularly (weekly or monthly as per your comfort).
Rule 2} YOU MUST-Reward Yourselves::::You can see around how companies or organizations are rewarding achievers for their success, like lunch, tours, cash, movie tickets etc . Same thing you can do for yourselves. It should be memorable and happen on every stage of your success.
Rule 3) YOU MUST-Learn from the failures:::: Every humans have gone through failures, you are not the only one. Remember Abraham Lincoln faced 14 major failures in his life before he became President of US!!!! Failing is not the matter, learning from failure is what matters. Take down the pen, write down your major failures in life. Write what was reason for them. (This part is important because you are not supposed to repeat those mistakes again). On your regular review, check whether you are repeating them.
Rule 4) YOUMUST-Never Procrastinate:::: Remember, PROCRASTINATION or postponement can be your biggest enemy!!! If you have something to be done, do it immediately. Just rewind your memories, you can find lots of losses, no matter small or big, you faced because of procrastination.
Rule5)YOU MUST-Fight with you::::Your ultimate boss is you. Remember, if you lose, you are the first person to suffer. If you win, you are the first person to enjoy. So, if you become lazy, scold you; If you are not utilizing your time, scold you. Remember, your manager can easily replace you, If you are not there, your friend may find another one. But, YOU CANNOT REPLACE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!
Rule6)YOU MUST-Have fun::::Give your mind and body pleasure. Discover what you like most for fun. Do it often. Find at least half an hour for recreation.
Keep in mind, self motivation is a vital part in your success. Practice these rules regularly, and your achievements will fall in place.

Monday, May 10, 2010



Four friends plans to go for a walk. One was late and the others were discussing about their children. First man said, “My son has acquired his own name in his field, he started his career as junior civil engineer, now he owns a famous construction company. He is very successful and last year he gifted his good friend a beautiful house in the heart of the city"
Now came the second man's turn. He said: " My son was just a car sales executive earlier, now he owns 7 branches of dealership companies, He became so successful that six months before he gifted his friend a brand new car."
"My son," started the third man, "was a sales assistant in a gold shop, now he is a success in jewelry industry, infact last summer he even gifted his best friend a huge collection of diamonds!!!"
When the fourth man arrived, they tells him about the discussion and asks him about his son. He says, “Being very frank, I was not at all happy with my son. He was doing nothing after his graduation, recently only I found that he is gay.Any way I am happy that he must be good at his activities because his boyfriends gifted him a beautiful new house, a brand new car and a huge collection of diamonds!!!!"


Once a lawyer planned to go for bird hunt in village. There, he shot a bird and it flew and fell in front of a house.
"Any way it's mine" thought the lawyer and went to collect the bird. Then, came a farmer from the house, and he told that the bird is mine since it is in front of his home. The angry lawyer said:" look man, I have shot it, so I am the owner of the bird".
The quarrel went on for a long time and the lawyer said" see, I am a lawyer and I know the laws more than you and I can sue you for this"
"I don't agree with you" said the farmer, "Here in our village we have the kick rule to decide things"
"Right, Tell me how it works then?" asked the lawyer. Farmer replied,"Three times I will kick you very hardly as I can, Then you do the same. This process repeats for three times until on of us gives up".
Lawyer agrees to this and farmer says he will start first and kicks between the lawyer's legs very hardly.Poor lawyer fells down out of pain and he gets the second one straight on his face. He did not get enough time for scream while he got the third hit on his stomach. Lawyer, some how manages to get up and says its his turn now. Farmer replies:" No, I am quitting, you can have the duck!!!!!"