Saturday, July 24, 2010


Creative visualization is a mental practice that makes use of the thought process to make dreams come true. This concept came into discussion in the yearly years of nineteenth century. Many psychologists and motivational speakers have discussed about this subject in their books. Walles Wattles who wrote ‘The science of getting rich’ have penned about this subject in detail.

Creative visualization exploits the supremacy of mind that can be utilized to change the future.

Every successful people have consciously or unconsciously used this tool for their achievements.

Brief explanation

People who think they are unlucky, unappealing, unloved, eventually ends up in the same situation in future. They will never move out of that state.
In contrast, those who feel they are lucky, successful, esteemed, will fall in that group in over a period of time.
When thinking about positive things you want to materialize happens to be in your regular habit, you will start doing things that make those things happen subconsciously.

The following things might have happened in your life:

(a)You may be thinking about somebody and that person calls you unexpectedly.

(b)You may think of a bad thing that can happen in your life and that happens.

(c)You had a passion/desire for many years and that happened.

These eventualities are part of creative visualization which you used subconsciously.
This is a cosmic subject that needs too many pages to discuss; I am making it in a capsule module for all of us to digest.
Creative visualization has to be done when you are alone without any distractions.

Tips to perform creative visualization:

1) Close your eyes; choose your desire or objective.

2) Relax free so that your visualization can be carried out without any complexity.

3) Breathing is a factor that decides the level of control of mind. Inhale and exhale deeply. Put your focus in breathing.

4) Think that you are a success, what ever happens, you will swim towards even more achievements.

5) Create a picture of end result in mind. Think about the changes in your life that turns out when your dream comes true. For example if you want to be a well-known writer, visualize the fame that comes in and the transformation in your personal and social life. (You may not have a clear vision in the first attempt, when you practice regularly, you can see them in a frame with more clarity.)

6) Believe that those dreams are going to materialize and you already half the way through.

Point to be noted: This exercise can be carried out whenever you get time. (Even in the toilet!!!!)

After effects:
1) You will be more focused towards success.

2) Unknowingly, you will start doing things that takes you to your dreams.

3) Negatives will never affect your activities

Tail end: Thanks to Suraj Raghavan ( Nexus Insurance Brokers, Dubai) for suggesting this subject.


  1. hey... nice one I will try these...OK

  2. The post is very enlightening. I desperately needed it at this point.
    Thanks a lot for the gracious comment on my blog. Hope to see you around more often.

  3. I do work on this approach and way of being in my life. I notice that most articles, books, etc..(The Secret) seem to refer this way of thinking and being to money. It's significant and not common for this to be channeled into changing the path that the human race is on. If we could apply the power of visualization towards accountability of our existence on the planet...(war, over population, integrity in purpose)...perhaps we would encounter real change outside of political agendas.
    Yeah...the money is a motivating factor in the power of visualization...but this power needs to be extended on a collective basis...we're in trouble...

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  6. I would definitely going to give it a try.

  7. I love creative visualization, which I've practiced for years now since first being exposed to Shakti Gawain's book by that name. It never ceases to amaze me how I create my own reality. Thank you for these great tips!