Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Are you a person who needs to become something, or mark your personality in the society or make more money? Then you should be motivated by yourselves. Self motivation is a ‘must thing’ if you are professional, sales person, student or anybody. In short, if you a human being, you should be self motivated for your success.
Below are ‘YOU MUST’ rules for self motivation. Check this out and see the changes in your life.

Rule 1) YOU MUST-Set your goals::: Note down in a book what you want to achieve as your goals. It should be differentiated as 'long term '(That may take some time) and 'short term'(which can be achieved soon) goals and what action plans are you going to imply to achieve those goals. Important part of this rule is that you should review this regularly (weekly or monthly as per your comfort).
Rule 2} YOU MUST-Reward Yourselves::::You can see around how companies or organizations are rewarding achievers for their success, like lunch, tours, cash, movie tickets etc . Same thing you can do for yourselves. It should be memorable and happen on every stage of your success.
Rule 3) YOU MUST-Learn from the failures:::: Every humans have gone through failures, you are not the only one. Remember Abraham Lincoln faced 14 major failures in his life before he became President of US!!!! Failing is not the matter, learning from failure is what matters. Take down the pen, write down your major failures in life. Write what was reason for them. (This part is important because you are not supposed to repeat those mistakes again). On your regular review, check whether you are repeating them.
Rule 4) YOUMUST-Never Procrastinate:::: Remember, PROCRASTINATION or postponement can be your biggest enemy!!! If you have something to be done, do it immediately. Just rewind your memories, you can find lots of losses, no matter small or big, you faced because of procrastination.
Rule5)YOU MUST-Fight with you::::Your ultimate boss is you. Remember, if you lose, you are the first person to suffer. If you win, you are the first person to enjoy. So, if you become lazy, scold you; If you are not utilizing your time, scold you. Remember, your manager can easily replace you, If you are not there, your friend may find another one. But, YOU CANNOT REPLACE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!
Rule6)YOU MUST-Have fun::::Give your mind and body pleasure. Discover what you like most for fun. Do it often. Find at least half an hour for recreation.
Keep in mind, self motivation is a vital part in your success. Practice these rules regularly, and your achievements will fall in place.


  1. very interesing and motivating.keep up the good work

  2. I think all of your suggestions are spot on. I've been working on positivity - Every day I post three things that make me happy, are positive thoughts, or good things that are happening to me. No longer am I writing about falling off stools, allergies, or bad backs. The items may be silly or seem inconsequential but it began to honestly change my attitude during the day.

  3. great list - i'll remember this when i fight and/or reward myself and have less fun than i should - cheers alan

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