Thursday, May 27, 2010


Few people know about this. Most of the people don’t. There is a good friend inside us which we have never recognized. Once we discover him, our life and destiny will be changed forever. For being successful in life, awakening of INNER POWER is very necessary. Below are tips to wake your inner power:

1) HAVE CLEAR VISION: Clarity is important factor for building up inner power. Though having goals is important, you should have a clear vision for them. Goals should be achievable ones. Set one goal at a time and plan for that. Setting too much goals at a time may distract your mind and may result in failures.
2) CUT OFF THE NEGATIVES: If you have a dictionary, circle the word –'positive'. Positive attitude can bring wonders in your life. There is a saying: ‘changing the face can do nothing, but facing the change can do everything’.
3) LEARN: Have you checked the last four spelling of the word ‘Learn’? That is: 'earn'. You can earn respect, money etc. by acquiring knowledge. It is not necessary that you should burry yourselves in books all the time for gathering knowledge. You can gain this by browsing the net, communicating with wise people, watching informative channels in television or even by watching the surroundings.
4) BREATH HARD: When you are down with worries, take deep breath. Practice this, you can bring down your nervousness and summon energy in you.
5) FIGHT: You may be defeated in hundred battles, but remember, the WAR is still ahead. Fight with your problems, never agree defeat. There is a saying: ‘Man doing nothing in problems is like the man dead’
6) LET OTHERS LIKE YOU: If we reframe John .F.Kennedy’s famous quote for our subject, it will be like this: “Ask not what others can do for you, Ask what you can do for others.” Be the people’s man. Help others if you can. The satisfaction you get by being appreciated is unbelievable. This will ignite your inner power.
7) DON’T BE ALONE:’ An idle mind is devil’s workshop’. People may attract negative energy when they spent more time alone. Mix with the society. See what is going on outside. Go for a trip. Don’t be idle. Note: We are blessed with ‘86400’ seconds a day!!! Please don’t waste that.

“Heaven never helps the man who will not act”


  1. I really like it!!!! I think every one should follow this points.-

  2. The dragon is calm-the dragon is free -rage the dragon inside of me

  3. emmmm right bro...i like ur style bt belive me being alone s better than be in society...coz u better understand...