Monday, May 10, 2010



Four friends plans to go for a walk. One was late and the others were discussing about their children. First man said, “My son has acquired his own name in his field, he started his career as junior civil engineer, now he owns a famous construction company. He is very successful and last year he gifted his good friend a beautiful house in the heart of the city"
Now came the second man's turn. He said: " My son was just a car sales executive earlier, now he owns 7 branches of dealership companies, He became so successful that six months before he gifted his friend a brand new car."
"My son," started the third man, "was a sales assistant in a gold shop, now he is a success in jewelry industry, infact last summer he even gifted his best friend a huge collection of diamonds!!!"
When the fourth man arrived, they tells him about the discussion and asks him about his son. He says, “Being very frank, I was not at all happy with my son. He was doing nothing after his graduation, recently only I found that he is gay.Any way I am happy that he must be good at his activities because his boyfriends gifted him a beautiful new house, a brand new car and a huge collection of diamonds!!!!"


Once a lawyer planned to go for bird hunt in village. There, he shot a bird and it flew and fell in front of a house.
"Any way it's mine" thought the lawyer and went to collect the bird. Then, came a farmer from the house, and he told that the bird is mine since it is in front of his home. The angry lawyer said:" look man, I have shot it, so I am the owner of the bird".
The quarrel went on for a long time and the lawyer said" see, I am a lawyer and I know the laws more than you and I can sue you for this"
"I don't agree with you" said the farmer, "Here in our village we have the kick rule to decide things"
"Right, Tell me how it works then?" asked the lawyer. Farmer replied,"Three times I will kick you very hardly as I can, Then you do the same. This process repeats for three times until on of us gives up".
Lawyer agrees to this and farmer says he will start first and kicks between the lawyer's legs very hardly.Poor lawyer fells down out of pain and he gets the second one straight on his face. He did not get enough time for scream while he got the third hit on his stomach. Lawyer, some how manages to get up and says its his turn now. Farmer replies:" No, I am quitting, you can have the duck!!!!!"


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